Beard Oil Sample Packs & Scent Descriptions

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PLEASE READ ***You Will receive our top 6 selling scents if you don’t pick. You MUST send us a DM on the website if you’re picking a Custom pack with your scent choices after you order!! Please list only 6! This is currently the only way we can give you the power to choose. If you do not do this you’ll receive the ones listed in the red framed picture!!! 

Our custom sample packs lets you try 6 scents of your choice without committing to a full sized bottle of something that you may not like! The samples are approximately 4ml each.

-Barber Pole: old school barbershop scent of talc powder and vanilla. Fragrance oils.

-Backwoods: pine, fir needle, cypress and cedar. 100% essential oils.

-Bay Rum: a classic clean bay rum scent. Fragrance oils.

-Beard Gro: lavender, rosemary, grapefruit, clary sage & vanilla (Co2 extracted). 100% essential oils.

-Beaver Hunter: a unique scent of honeydew melon, cologne notes and a faint dash of patchouli in the background. Fragrance oils. 

-Bikers Blend: premium leather like a new jacket with a cedar background note. Fragrance and essential oils. 
-Black: clean crisp high end cologne scent. Fragrance oils. 

Campfire: the most realistic campfire scent you’ll ever find! Smokey, charred wood that settles in after a few minutes to greatness! Fragrance and essential oils. 

-Citrus Twist: smells exactly like Ski soda! Lemon and orange with the gum based smell of soda. 100% essential oils. 

-Dapper: modern spin on Old Spice! Cologne like barbershop scent. Fragrance oils.

-Dark Amber: amber, oakmoss and a hint of musk. Fragrance oils.

-Deez Nuts: nuts, bourbon and butterscotch! OH (io) So Good! Fragrance oils.

-Deep Blue: If you love Versace Dylan Blue then you’ll love our version of it in Deep Blue! 

-Good Vibes: ***not available ***coconut, lime and rum! *Seasonal scent. Fragrance oils.

-Got Wood?: teakwood and mahogany. Fragrance oils.

-Grape Ape: like grape big league chew gum crashed into grape soda pop! Soooooo good! Fragrance oils.

-Green Apple: like a green apple jolly rancher or Granny Smith apple! Fragrance oils.

-High Stakes: spiced mahogany, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and tobacco. A deep manly scent. Fragrance oils. 
-Hippie Juice: patchouli, bergamot and vetiver create that classic hippie scent! 100% essential oils. 
-HoMeWrEcKeR: a sexy, edgy cologne that likes to be seen! Fragrance oils.

-Legend: A deep, rich cologne scent that draws people in for more. Smells like you can’t afford it…. But you can!

-Merica: cologne scent of citrus on top of freedom. VERY Creed Aventus. Fragrance oils.

-Natural: Zero scent, None, Nada!

-Noel: **not available ***everything that’s Christmas all in one! Hardtack candy, holly, pine, cinnamon, spice and everything nice! *Seasonal scent. Fragrance oils.

-OUD: oud is a middle eastern, incense, musky type cologne scent. Fragrance and essential oils.

Sandalwood and Bourbon: smooth sandalwood with notes of bourbon blended in! Fragrance oils.

-Suit and Tie: our signature scent! A high end cologne scent that’s subtle but clean, fresh and aquatic. Some notes of Acqua Di Gio added in, but that’s not all! #1 selling scent! Fragrance oils. 

-Tea Tree: 100% organic tea tree essential oil.

-Waterfall: clean, fresh, just out of the shower, kinda vibe. Think Coolwater cologne. Fragrance oils.

-Wingman: that cherry blend pipe tobacco everyone remembers with a cologne edge. Fragrance oils.