Our Citrus Twist Beard Oil has deep roots to Southern Ohio! A local based citrus soda drink called Ski, has a cult following in our little town of Wellston Ohio. With some encouragement, I decided to try and duplicate the exact scent of orange and lemon citrus in a beard balm and beard oil. After a few attempts and a bunch of hours, I had hit the mark! So here it is ready for your enjoyment...........Citrus Twist Beard Oil.......... Hand blended in small batches and made with pure organic oils and essential oils. Comes in a 1oz glass amber dropper bottle. 

Citrus Twist Premium Beard Oil

  • Put 3-5 drops of oil into the palm of your hand, rub hands together, massage oil up through the whiskers and into the skin. Smooth down over the outside coating the beard thoroughly. Brush or comb as needed.

  • All of our beard oils contain organic grapeseed, sweet almond, avocado, safflower and castor oils.