Our Wingman Beard Balm is the only "wingman" you will ever need! A deep, sophisticated scent with what some say are subtle hints of cherry pipe tobacco, a hint of underlying vanilla, and maybe even a snippet of homemade apple pie. A very distinguished scent that may have you thinking of Ron Burgundy, sitting in a cigar lounge with velvet wall covering, sipping on cognac, in a shiny leather chair. Keep it classy and wear Wingman! Comes in a 2oz double walled jar. 

Wingman Beard Balm

  • Scrape a small amount of balm out with you finger nail or other object. Rub it gently between your hands, after balm melts, rub up through your beard onto your skin and whiskers coating skin and hair both. Comb or brush to suite. Wash hands

  • Scrape about nice amount (1/4 to 1/2 a thumbnail) out, melt it down between your palms, work it up through your whiskers and coat the outside.  comb, brush or blow dry as preferred.