Our Roxie “The Rox” scent whipped butter is a super creamy, multipurpose product that’s great for pre-shave use to condition and soften the hair and skin for an extremely close shave. It can also be applied after shaving and towel drying as a post-shave moisturizer treatment. And lastly, it can be used anytime as a body butter to help condition the skin and get rid of dry, rough patches all while making you smell AMAZING!! Scent notes start with some citrus on top, then move to some floral notes such as Jasmine and orange blossom, then the base notes are a creamy blend of vanilla, sandalwood, cedar and a dash of patchouli. Go grab one of these huge 3oz jars today and treat yourself to spa quality at home! 

The Rox Shave & Body Butter

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